Welcome to the microbial association network construction tutorial.

This tutorial will guide you through the construction of an association network from a real (published) data set using 4 popular tools, namely MENA, LSA, SparCC and CoNet.
This tutorial has been presented at the metagenomics and data analysis course in Nijmegen 2014 and the Systems, Synthetic and Semantic Biology Summer School in Trento 2014.
Note that this tutorial has been written by the developer of CoNet, thus tools may not be presented here in a perfectly balanced way. Please further scrutinize each of the tools before deciding for the one that best suits your needs or, even better, use several tools at once.

Slides accompanying this tutorial can be downloaded here. The slides give more background on the problems of network construction from metagenomic data and the different tools available.

If you have comments or feedback on this course, please send an email to: